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How does
it work?

Thermodo's hardware can be described as a precise and sensitive passive thermometer. Consisting of a high precision NTC thermistor, a precision reference resistor and a bias resistor. By sending a differential signal through the thermistor and the reference resistor, we can dynamically determine the thermistors value relative to the reference resistor.

Signal analysis and linear interpolation

Through linear interpolation we measure the sensor's temperature precise and redundant. By alternating between different signal amplitudes we can dynamically determine the current sensor impedance. This makes Thermodo independent of absolute signal levels, responsive and robust.

What is
the point?

Thermodo is a neat little device already in the hands of tens of thousands of people and there's so many interesting things that can be done with the data it is able to collect. While we have the Thermodo app, the idea has always been to build a platform for others to use. With the Thermodo SDK you can easily build temperature awareness into your service or product. We build the hardware, but you get to dream up the many novel uses for it.

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